Wire Fencing Products from The Fence Line

From the UK's leader in quality wire fencing

Fenceline Supplies offer a full range of galvanised wire fencing including agricultural stock fencing, barbed wire for farm fencing. The Redbrand fence carries its unique red wire trade mark which is recognised as a mark of quality worldwide.

The range includes galvanised mild steel barbed wire as well as heavy duty high tensile barbed wire where extra strength barbed wire is needed. Our Sheep and Goat fencing with its 4" x 4" square mesh is particularly suitable for goat fence and is also used for alpaca fence and pygmy goat fencing. The horse fence range includes Keepsafe diamond mesh as well as a horse safe square mesh. High tensile Plain galvanized wire is available on 25Kg drums for ease of use and is excellent for permanent electric fencing and as a top wire on stock fence where barbed wire is not appropriate. For chicken fencing, dog fence or garden fence try Yard Garden and Kennel Fence. Green Garden fence is a plastic coated welded mesh fence product for garden use on ornamental flower beds and where a green coloured fence is required. Graduated mesh rabbit netting and utility welded mesh complete the garden fence range.