Vicebite Fencing Stay Brackets

An easy to use alternative to traditional notching on the straining post.

Vicebite VideosVicebite was developed in Australia where it has been tried, tested and trusted in all types of fencing for the last 5 years. Vicebite works well in all fencing situations on the farm, in vineyards, with equestrian fencing and for domestic fencing. It is an easy to use alternative to traditional notching on the straining post. Notching out the straining post is time consuming and skilled job. Vicebite avoids the need for precise on site chainsaw work; stay post struts can be pre-cut and simply assembled in the field using a single Vicebite fencing bracket.

The Vicebite Stay Bracket joins the stay to the end post and backing post. It has specially placed teeth on the front and the back of the bracket that bite into the timber when firstly hammered to the right point/height on the post and then once wires are tensioned will be forced further into the timber creating a vice like effect.

The brackets, when under this force prevents the stay from sliding up or sideways off the end or backing post. Hence "Once Bitten...Won't Budge!!"

Quick list of benefits

Vicebite Stay Brackets at a glance

  • Faster Fencing
  • Reduces Labour Costs
  • Easy to Install
  • Strong, dependable and long lasting
  • Retains post strength
  • Reliable
  • Cost Effective
  • Tried, Tested and Trusted
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Vicebite Stay Brackets

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The Vicebite Stay Bracket is manufactured in Australia and is constructed from 2.5mm galvanized top quality steel. The product is pressed to shape to give it maximum strength and stability:

  • Tighter Bite / Tighter Fence
  • A Vicebite Fence is a tighter fence
  • Build Better Straining Post Systems .. Fast!!