Redbrand Stock Fence

A top quality wire fence - Red Brand 8/80/15 Rigid Stay Stock Fence

Tried and tested in the UK with excellent results, a unique product with key advantages over traditional hinge joint products. Available both as Medium C grade and High Tensile HT.

Quick list of benefits

Redbrand Stock Fence at a glance

  • Unique Square Deal ® Knot
  • Rigid vertical stays
  • Profile matches traditional hinge joint
  • Easier to install
  • Stays vertical and rigid throughout it's life
  • HT wire allows tighter straining with fewer posts
  • Meets British standard requirements for specification
  • Heavily Galvanised Wire to BSEN 10244
Stockfence Product Guide PDF

Redbrand Stock Fence

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50m and 100m Rolls available for C8/80/15 ; HT8/80/15 available in 100m rolls in the following heights:

  • Style: Rigid Stay Medium C8/80/15
    Product Code: 50m 71429
  • Style: Rigid Stray High tensile HT8/80/15
    Product code: 100m 72300