About Red Brand in the UK

Including a brief history of Keystone Steel and Wire.

A brief history of Keystone Steel and Wire

Keystone Steel & Wire Company, founded in 1889 represents more than 110 years of American-made steel and wire products. The company's name was derived from the keystone-shaped mesh of the first fence manufactured near Dillon, Illinois. Since the early 1900's, Red Brand ® has been a household name on American farms. The red coloured wire, a familiar trademark, got its start from an early marketing genius who decided to dip the top of eystone fence rolls into red paint. The Red Brand logo has come to stand for the most complete line of high quality wire, fence and nails that are produced in the United States. This reputation has led Red Brand to be recognized in the USA as "The most respected name in farm fence".

Today, Keystone is the market leader for farm fencing in the US. The Company has the capacity to smelt up to one million tonnes of steel per annum through it's own in house electric arc furnace. Steel billets are cast and then hot rolled into continuous wire rod coils. Using a series of precise dies, rod is then drawn into wire of exact specifications for use in many types of finished fencing product.

Wire is galvanized and converted in house into finished product including stock fence, barbed wire horse fence and many domestic fencing products. Keystone quality control systems are strictly implemented throughout this process to ensure that finished products meet the customers exacting standards.

Red Brand in the UK

Keystone Steel and Wire has been marketing Red Brand Keepsafe ® Horse Fence in the UK for several years. This product has been well accepted and is recognized as the preferred product for the professional stud farm.

Keystone has now launched a wider range of products and the product range is now available through the Fence Line. The range includes stock fence, barbed wire, non climb horse fence, HT plain wire, as well as Yard Garden and Kennel fence from the LG range.

You may also visit the USA Redbrand site www.redbrand.com or for more information on availability in the UK and Europe go to our enquiry page.