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April  2015

Newt Barrier protection film

The Great Crested Newt and Natter Jack Toad are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and Habitats Regulations Act of 1994. In addition adders, grass snakes, slow worms and common lizards are also protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 which protects them from injury, killing and sale.
Great Crested Newts are on the move from their winter's dormancy quarters to their breeding ponds. Civil engineering projects are governed by numerous environmental and ecological controls. Protecting Great Crested Newts is a "stop the project" job. Where protection barriers have not been planned and pre-installed, newt barrier must be installed immediately to enable the project to continue.

We have seen a substantial increase in demand for Newt barrier film of late. Fenceline Newt Barrier comes in three different grades.

  • Hi-strength clear film
  • Green film
  • Black heavy duty barrier

The specification required depends on the length of time the project is on-going, if the barrier is required to be in situ for an extended period of time it is more advisable to go for the heavy duty newt barrier.
The hi- strength clear film and the green film which carry equal strength properties to each other  are sold on a temporary barrier basis.

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January 2015
Red White Marker Bunting is a very popular has been in very short suppy but we are pleased to be able tell you that we now have stocks available for you.

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October 2014

Come and see us at Fencex on Wednesday 15 October.

July 2014

Fenceline are delighted to welcome Helen Hill to the Team.  Helen brings with her a wealth of experince in customer service and knows how to get things done right first time.

26th November 2013


Fenceline are please to announce that Fence Brackets have been added to their range of products.

1st October 2013

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