Hexagonal Mesh and Rabbit Netting

The best quality mesh on the market

Rabbit Netting is the most cost effective way to control rabbits in young tree and hedge plantations as well in field scale Brassica crops. The Forestry Commission Web site at www.forestry.gov.uk is a useful reference source for detailed information on the installation of an effective rabbit proof fence.

Select the following link for the Forestry Commission publication: "The prevention of rabbit damage to trees in woodland".

Hexagonal Mesh is available in two types of galvanising coat. Hot Dipped and pre galvanised.

Hot Dipped fence is woven from black wire and is hot dipped in galvanising zinc after weaving.

Pre-galvanised fence is woven from wire that already been galvanised. This product has a lighter zinc coat and is more cost effective product.

Hexagonal mesh is available from many different manufacturers both European and from the Far East. Where quality is important care should be taken to buy a reputable product that meets the required standard.

Quick list of benefits

Hexagonal Mesh and Rabbit Netting at a glance

  • Two types of galvanising coat - Hot Dipped ; Pre-Galavanised
  • Pre Glvanised has a lighter zinc coat for a more cost effective product
  • Quality in the market varys immensely
  • Our hexagonal mesh is a high quality product