Fence Panel Brackets

Fenceclip ™ Fencebrackets ®

Fenceclip ™ Fencebrackets ® are the best fence panel brackets available today with over a million sold in the UK proving that they work well and are easy to install.

The product is well proven and is a great product to help in the installation of fence panels.

The brackets are made from strong, green or brown powder coated steel and they significantly simplify the process of installing wooden fence panels.

Available in sizes to suit all types panels, the brackets are individually wrapped in waterproof packaging.

Quick list of benefits

Fenceclip Fence Panel Brackets at a glance

  • The easy way to install Fence Panels
  • Secure and strong fixing
  • Fix clips to the panel first
  • Position the panel
  • Final fixing to post
Fenclip Fence Panel Brackets Product Guide PDF

Fenceclip Fence Panel Brackets

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  • Easy to install; no need to lift panel high to slot into traditional U brackets.
  • Powder coated green or brown
  • Sizes to suit all panels
  • Attractive point of sale display unit free to stockists with first order