Fence Fixing Pins

Enabling fencing wire to be fixed down efficiently

To enable fencing wire to be fixed down The Fence Line offers a comprehensive range of specially manufactured ground fixings. These fixings can be used to secure netting to the ground in specialist applications or where it is important simply for the bottom of a fencing run to be secured down. Can also be used in newt fencing application and with geo-textiles.

Heavy duty 300 x 6mm pegs are galvanised for long life.
These heavy duty pegs are ideal for storey and rocky sites where the pins will have to driven in with a hammer. Also recommended for holding down per fences especially where dogs may nose under the fence. Packed in boxes of 20 fence pegs.

Product Code
Heavy Duty Galvanised
300mm x 6mm
20 per box


Quick list of benefits

Fence Fixing Pins at a glance

  • Suitable for rabbit netting and where netting is fixed on the ground.
  • Heavy duty 6mm fence pegs for more demanding applications
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Fence Fixing Pins

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  • 300mm x 6mm Heavy duty 20 per box Product Code 108/06