Frequently Asked Questions from the Fence Line

Frequently Asked Questions about our fencing products and company

Q. Do you sell directly to members of the public?

A. We are trade suppliers, supplying many trade outlets; some are multi branch organisations others are local suppliers. We will be pleased to put you in contact with a supplier that will be able to meet your needs in your locality.

Q. Where can I buy your products from that is near to where I live?

A. Please send us your enquiry and we will let you know where you can buy our products.

Q. Where is Red Brand wire manufactured?

A. Red Brand is manufactured in the USA at the Keystone Steel & Wire factory in Peoria near Chicago.

Q. Since Red Brand wire is imported from USA do I have to order a full container load?

A. You can order any quantity you require. Full containers will be dispatched directly to you from the US whilst smaller quantities are available through our distribution arrangement here in the UK.

Q. Is Red Brand product available in mainland Europe?

A. Yes. A number of products particularly horse fence have been used throughout Europe, please let us know your requirements.

Q. Where is Fenceline Supplies based.

A. Fenceline supplies Ltd is a wire fencing importer and distributer conveniently located in Leicestershire. We carry large stocks in our own warehouse and can usually supply your order from stock.

Q. Why are there no prices on the website.

A. Fenceline Supplies is a trade Supplier. We tailor our customer offering to suit the particular customer. Please call or e mail for price details and a quotation for your needs.