Barbed Wire

A top quality barbed wire - Red Brand Mild Steel Barbed Wire and High Tensile Barbed Wire

Red Brand barbed wire is ideal for cattle fencing and for the top wire above a traditional stock fence. Barbed wire fencing gives added security to a stock proof fence. Multi strand barbed wire fence is a good practical alternative suitable for general farm fencing.

Quick list of benefits

Mild Steel and High Tensile Barbed Wire at a glance

  • Unique Red Barb Branding
  • Mild Steel and High Tensile
  • Strong Wooden Reels
  • Mild steel is IOWA pattern
  • HT is reverse twist pattern
  • 200m Rolls on strong wooden reel
  • 400m Roll also available on heavy wire frame (Mild Steel only)
  • HT wire - heavy duty line wire for additional strength
  • Heavy High Tensile line wire is 2.00mm guage
  • Heavily Galvanised Wire to BSEN 10244
Barbed Wire Product Guide PDF

Barbed Wire

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200m and 400m Rolls available for Mild Steel ; High Tensile available in 200m rolls:

  • Style: Mild Steel Barbed Wire
    Product Code: 70258
    Roll Lengths: 200m and 400m
  • Style: High Tensile Barbed Wire
    Product Code: 72656
    Roll Length: 200m
    Line Wire Guage: 2.00mm